RAD Partners Virtual Event

Together with RAD, we created an amazing 3-day (each for a different time-zone) virtual event for their global partners and employees. 3 live sessions and 7 regional workshops took place for the partners to get acquainted and communicate with their regional colleagues. 4 booths for product presentations and a 1:1 personal chat with RAD’s representatives made it very easy for the partners to communicate and have a better idea of RAD’s services. Together our teams made this worldwide event come to life with outstanding results.

ICE’20 Virtual Event

ICE (International Charter Expo) is an annual B2B event for all the yacht charter industry! Fleet operators, brokers, and suppliers gather every year in Vienna to prepare for the upcoming business year.

This year, ICE'20 Digital was a four-day virtual event hosted virtually at Marx Halle in Vienna, transforming the location into a virtual congress venue with 112 exhibitors – each with a uniquely designed booth. This event is an excellent showcase of event networking done right. The attendees and exhibitors had thousands of 1:1 video meetings to properly elevate the benefits of virtual events, make an impact, generate leads, and promote their business. The meetings were held using our native video conferencing tool, which was specially developed to enable meaningful interactions between event participants.

This feature is entirely web-based, no download or installation required, working from desktop and mobile devices, and enables audio and video calls with a share screen and text chat.

Forcepoint - Zero Trust Summit Virtual Event

For the second time, Forcepoint chose us as their Virtual Event Platform. Together with our partner from "High Attendance," we created for Forcepoint a virtual event divided into two regions, each for a specific audience – EMEA and Americas.

The environment design reflected the regional landscape view of the attendee's origin. Vii Events uses two graphical engines, 3D 360°, and 2D. At this event, the attendees can choose on the go-between 2D and 3D graphic engines, tailoring the event's experience to their liking. The event included a partner exhibition and live sessions with different designs & content for each region. This international event was a great and easy way for Forcepoint to share their global audience insights.

U SAFE Virtual Event

U SAFE is a breakthrough robotic buoy that enables professionals & first responders around the world to save lives in the water. Together we created a tailor-made environment to bring out the benefit of U SAFE’s product.

The graphic design included the U SAFE buoy, and you can find it in various locations on the boat. This is why the attendees enjoyed joining the yacht-based look & feel environment! They could even watch live sessions with a view of the ocean. This was a multi-content event; the sessions were translated into four languages and were scheduled to stream for each region's time zone. The event included a demo room and a 1:1 meeting with company representatives during the event. Such a wonderful experience with real added value to both USAFE, who presented their product in its natural environment, and to the attendees, who enjoyed a virtual event on a boat for the first time!

Board of Governors & Jewish Agency Ambassadors Virtual Events

Together with Eldan Productions, we hosted two extraordinary virtual events for the Jewish Agency on our platform. Eldan production masterfully executed the event production, making those events memorable and impactful. These guys brought success to our customers with excellent sessions and experiences for the participants. The sessions were translated simultaneously for the global audience, allowing the attendees to enjoy the live sessions in their preferred language.

ICL - ESG Week Virtual Event

ICL’s ESG week was created in between two lockdowns, a uniquely designed event in the spirit and brand of ICL for their 11,000 global employees when working from the office is forbidden, and connection with the company identity requires strengthening. The customer achieved the goal, with satisfactory results and employee feedback.

Each of the 5 booths was designated to present one of the key topics of ICL focus - Sustainability, Compliance, Community Relations, Environment, Health and Safety, and Quality Assurance. Each booth contained multiple attractions for the employees, such as 360 escape rooms and content in 9 different languages. Also, a special live session with Q&A was held regarding “Green Chemistry” by a world-known professional on this topic to bring knowledge to all ICL’s employees

Vindicia Strategic Sales Meeting Virtual Event

Vindicia’s Sales Kick-off for 2021 was themed “Race to a Billion.” The special environment we created for this aim was a look & feel of a race car stadium!

All Vindicia’s employees enjoyed 3-day sessions regarding the company’s strategy for 2021. Many keynote speakers addressed all related topics, and Parker Kligerman, a famous NASCAR Driver, was the special virtual host of the event, aligning perfectly with the theme. This virtual event was a huge success and brought together all of Vindicia’s employees by bridging the geographical gap before starting their sales for 2021.