How Much Does it Take to Become an Award-Winning Company?

Looking back at the path that Vii Events has taken and the road we covered to become a worthy award-winning company, we can conclude that we have a great team and real passion for what we are doing. Vii Events knows that it is all about the people working with us. To support our words, we want to share with you that we recently won 2 nominations for Event Technology Awards for The People. So, it is all about the people who have been with us on our way to success. 

Today, we can proudly say that Vii Events is an award-winning platform offering our customers immersive 3D-360 environments for virtual & hybrid events and digital showrooms. Vii Events helps our attendees enter a 3D magical world that matches all their ideas and requirements. Visiting one’s imaginary places or any actual location in every corner of the world has never been so easy. Vii Events has already achieved astonishing results in this field and was acknowledged with several awards.

Latest Achievements and Inspirations

This year the Event Technology Awards (ETA) celebrated its 10th anniversary with a people-focused offshoot this summer. A short time ago, we shared with you that some of our team members were nominated for awards. Now, it’s time to share with you that our team has won prominent awards as the Best Product Team and Best Start-Up Founder/ Co-Founders.

Looking back from where we are right now, we can proudly conclude that with such a great, united, and success-oriented team, it was only a matter of time before we would get another award. However, the story of our team would not be completed without a word about our founders. So, who were the first ones who stood behind Vii Event’s success?

Vii Events was founded by Stas Zaslavsky, Arnold Simha, and Lior Oslik.

Stas Zaslavsky

Stas Zaslavsky is an experienced company manager, serial entrepreneur, and digital marketing expert. A highly skilled team leader with business strategy & marketing orientation and a proven record since 2007, Stas established successful companies:

●       Vii Events – All in One 3D Virtual / Hybrid Events Platform that Produces Stunning & Memorable Events.

●   One-V – a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency.

●   Triple D Illustrations – Leading 3D agency.

●   Cooking Studio Tel Aviv – Cooking center that provides master classes.

Arnold Simha

Arnold is a technological prodigy with vast experience in product development. He constantly shares his expertise and vision with the Vii Events team, thus ensuring a friendly and productive atmosphere in the team.

Lior Oslik

Lior Oslik is a 3D modeling expert who brings any dream to life. Former CEO of Triple D Illustration experienced team manager that worked with multi-international brands and companies.

Lior is on the frontier of every aspect of 3D, working on cutting-edge 3D technology, various graphical software, and engines, such as 3D Max and Unreal Engine. Also, he is a WebGL expert. 

Finally, our founders’ team left all their previous occupations, duties, and other business commitments. Hiring replacements for their roles in different companies, focusing their 100% percent of the time and energy only on Vii Events Success.

Together, they have won the Best Start-Up Founder/Co-Founders from Event Technology Awards, proudly representing Vii Events.

Talking about the past, throughout our history, Vii Events paid special attention to the development of cutting-edge technologies blurring the line between one’s dreams and reality. Such aspiration was acknowledged by Event Technology Awards 2021. 

Another worthy award received by our company took place at the International Confex. For 39 years, International Confex has held its position as the leading exhibition for the events industry, bringing together the largest gathering of event professionals. At the Confex event, organizers discover suppliers, venues, and service providers to plan their future together as a part of a large industry family. Being recognized during such an event is a great honor we proudly share with you.

We were recognized by the UK Event Professionals Community as the Best Virtual Front Runner, which shows that we weren’t just twaddling but worked hard to achieve our goals.

Our History

Yet there is much more to it than what we have already shared with you. Vii Events is in a constant movement towards improving ourselves and achieving new heights in our business. So, before moving to our today’s achievements, we would like to share with you the history of our aspirations, efforts, and goals.

Vii Events was formed in January 2020. During the beginning of a global pandemic and new challenges facing humanity. The world was changing rapidly, and companies saw their growth in globalization and managing thousands of remote employees from all over the world. For effective work, communication, and holding various events, startups began to create their own solutions to this problem.

We have created the Vii Events platform where thousands of participants from the world’s leading companies or industries can simultaneously communicate and remotely with each other. We allow businesses and entities to hold video meetings, watch live or pre-recorded/on-demand content, and browse company materials. We help companies communicate with thousands of attendees regardless of their locations and time zones.

Check out our infographics to see how Vii Events developed over time:

Our Key Milestones:

  • Jan, 2020 – Vii Events was founded by 3 founders (CEO, CTO, VP 3D R&D)
  • Mar, 2021 – Platform Version 3.0 Release. 200+ Virtual Events, 500,000 Attendees. R&D Size Team: 5 Employees
  • Jan, 2022 – 2 Years Mark. 13 Employees. 5 R&D Employees. 700+ Virtual Events. 1,000,000 Attendees.

  The People Behind Vii Events

It is always great to be the leading company that focuses on advanced technology. However, relying purely on technological advancement is not what makes a company great. People do. Teamwork is our key strength and our biggest pride. For us, this is not just a beautiful motto. We value our team members more than anything. For this reason, we are so happy when our team members get acknowledged with awards. As this motivates, improves the climate inside the company, and tunes everyone to a good mood making it possible to reach new heights.

The team started to grow in March 2020. Today, our team consists of 13 employees working globally. Our HQ is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and as well we have a team in Ukraine. Despite the challenging times with the war in Ukraine, our dedicated Ukrainian team is managing all tasks and projects in the best way possible. We are truly blessed to support them and enjoy both their professional work and personal interaction. Our team includes skilled professionals who have proven experience in their field. The team consists of a few departments: management, R&D (developers and 3D artists), sales & marketing, and customer success.

Getting recognized by worldwide organizations and the customers is one of the most motivational aspects of our work. Vii Events maintains a personal approach to each of our team members, ensuring that they work in a pleasant working environment and have a place to develop. We believe that developing a genuine culture in the company is the key to providing quality services. In turn, getting recognized with awards for our efforts is the best proof that we are moving in the right direction.

We warmly welcome you to join our success!

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