Employee Engagement & Tools to turn your employees into your company’s Brand Champions

Employee engagement is one of the most important aspects of any industry. The modern world sets very high requirements for businesses, starting from a highly competitive environment up to constantly changing world and market conditions. Things become even more complicated when unengaged or not engaged enough employees begin to leave the company seeking new opportunities.

Employee engagement practices are the answer to these upcoming threads. When all the employees work in synergy inside the company, they can achieve astonishing results, boost productivity and conquer new markets. When one’s employers are engaged, they show extraordinary passion, motivation, commitment, and energy. Yet, is it hard to improve engagement to the level when employers bring their best effort to day-by-day work?

Companies and organizations from all over the world are continuously working on new ways to engage their employees. Decentralization of employees leaves little space for old-school events and team buildings. Traditional engagement strategies are not applicable when people work online and maintain contacts via the internet. True, financial motivation works great. Yet, it is not enough to achieve the same results compared to what can be accomplished by a high level of employee engagement.

So, what is employee engagement?

It is a measure of how strong employees’ ties with the company and their jobs. Often, mistakenly employers believe that by focusing on possible benefits, a pleasant working atmosphere, and the environment, they will achieve sustainable engagement. However, this is not true, as these factors do not engage with employees’ internal goals. Traditional motivation methods have only a limited effect on one’s internal goals and only on a short-term basis.

So, what is virtual team building, and how do new virtual event engagement ideas make one’s company or organization prosper? Virtual team building event is a process of bringing remote employees together and, via communication, creating bonds between teammates. Сertain tools, such as gamification, allow taking virtual event engagement to a very high level.

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The Key to Virtual Event Engagement

Various businesses, companies, and organizations use virtual events to raise employee engagement levels. According to Grand View Research, the virtual event market will continue to rise even though it is going through hard times now. Gamification is one of the most useful tools when it comes to fulfilling this task when running virtual events. By applying gamified features, it is possible to significantly boost the employee engagement level.

Gamification focuses on creating and implementing gaming elements into virtual events that originally had no gaming contexts. These elements suit any purpose, including attracting new clients, networking, and, just like in our case, boosting employee engagement. Such elements may include mini-games, reward system leaderboards, facilitating teams, etc.

Gamification: Benefits & Effect

         Gamification is an inseparable part of all team-building virtual events, as it is one of the most effective ways to break the ice and achieve a comfortable atmosphere inside the team. In turn, this creates an environment that facilitates teamwork and connects team members with each other and the employer. Here are some of the advantages of what fresh virtual event gamification ideas can bring to your company, organization, or business.

Gamification is not constant – for example, Vii is continuously searching for new virtual event engagement ideas and methods. Here is one of the latest things your company, business, or organization can get with us.

Game-based training

Gamification is one of the coolest ways to conduct training for your employee. For example, quizzes are extremely useful to help estimate employees’ skills and find what requires improvement.


One of the classic elements that still work. Rewards are very effective when prompting behaviors that are beneficial for one’s business.

Unexpected bonuses

One of the main benefits of gamification is that it allows praising employees with unexpected and unpredictable bonuses. Spit-to-Win is a great example of gamification elements that provide such bonuses.

Monitoring progress

When people feel their progress, they become very engaged and motivated to follow towards goals. Therefore, progress bars and goal-tracking are key parts of any gamification approach.


Unlocking achievements is another aspect that keeps people engaged. It works in gaming, and it works great in working. The key here is to create a balanced system of achievements and reward points.


Healthy competitions make for a very engaging virtual event, bring joy and happiness to employees and motivate them to work together in teams in a healthy competitive environment. Without a doubt, gamification elements can take virtual event engagement to the next level. Vii has extensive experience running all sorts of virtual events. Furthermore, we already have successful cases when companies, organizations, and businesses effectively used our platform to boost employee engagement. The greatest thing about gamification in team-building virtual events is that it literally has no limits. Out of the box, thinking allows running truly engaging and effective virtual events aimed at engaging one’s employees. Such events can help your company create a real team that will surely succeed.

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