4 Examples of How We Create an Outstanding Stakeholder Experience in a Virtual & Hybrid Event Showcase

How can we keep our global community ties strong and make impactful world-changing decisions while providing an engaging and meaningful for the stakeholders?

Decisions cannot be postponed any more, and finding a simple band-aid solution won’t help to keep the communities close. 

The only way for organizations to prosper, grow, and achieve massive results is by giving the stakeholders bold and valuable virtual experiences that highlight the stakeholder’s comfort and keep team spirit high.

VII Event is a SaaS 3D Virtual Events Platform that produces stunning virtual events. 

VII Events is a customer-centric company. We are so proud of our customers. Each of our customer’s event designs is a unique masterpiece of outstanding attendee experience that creates unforgettable and memorable events. 

We are willing to share with you several case studies from our recent virtual events this month.

NICE Interaction Paris Live 2020

NICE is the worldwide leading provider of software solutions enabling organizations to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance, fight financial crime, and safeguard people and assets. NICE’s solutions capture, analyze, and apply, in real-time, insights from both structured and unstructured data. 

Together with VII Events, NICE has created a virtual event at the Parisian skyline that captures the beautiful spirit of Paris and brings it virtually to the event attendees.

The event held many fantastic sessions and live panel Q&A in four breakout rooms and excellent plenary sessions with top industry speakers.

The event included gamification, networking, 1:1 video meetings, NICE solution exhibition, and NICE’s partner exhibition.

The networking included a social wall that allowed participants to share posts and communicate their ideas via Twitter.

The event was a major success. Thank you, NICE, for choosing us to host your virtual event.

Special Thanks to Dana Averbuch, Kate Denness, Guillaume Thuard, Fiona Abiola-Musa, James Anderson, Caron Cohen, Sufa Berman-Bareket, Natalie Natalie Haberman, and the rest of the NICE team and their partners.

ICE’20 Digital (International Charter Expo) Virtual Conference by Yachtmaster Group

Based in Zagreb, Croatia, Yachtmaster Group is a small team of professionals running several global projects. They are a new generation of thinkers and a new breed of doers. Their core business is organizing B2B events and developing digital solutions for the yacht-charter industry.

ICE’20 Digital is a four-day virtual event hosted virtually at Marx Halle in Vienna, transforming the location virtually into a virtual congress venue with 112 exhibitors’ uniquely designed booths.

This event is an excellent showcase of event networking done right. The attendees and exhibitors have thousands of video 1:1 meetings to properly elevate the benefits of virtual events, making an impact, generate leads, and promote business. 

The meeting is held on our platform native video conferencing chat that was specially developed to enable meaningful interactions between the event participants.

This feature is entirely web-based, no download and installation required, working from desktop and mobile devices, enables audio and video calls with a share screen.

Thank you to Yachtmaster Group for choosing us to host your virtual event.

Special thanks to Antonija Hajman, Tino Prosenik, and the rest of the Yachtmaster Group team.

CBExchange – C-BEN (Competency-Based Education Network) Conference

C-BEN is a network of institutions, employers, and experts committed to unlocking the potential of competency-based learning to ensure education and training are more flexible, responsive, and valuable.

We recently had a unique hybrid event that VII-Events took apart as a combined effort of several companies and a very talented event producer/organizer Michelle Nicole McNabb that orchestrated everything with ease and a smile!

It was a four-day hybrid event with 125+ speakers.

Making a great virtual event takes a high level of skill, navigating between the different platforms and technological solutions to create a perfect attendee experience and engagement!

This event is a showcase of great collaborations between different platforms multiplying the value and bringing an ultimate attendee virtual & hybrid experience.

Special thanks to the team and companies involved in the event:

VII-Events (us): Attendee Experience & Environment Design

Michelle Nicole McNabb of Emenee Marketing ‘n’ Events: Event Optimization & Monetization

InEvent: Event Management & Registration

Hio Social: Networking Lounge

Exhibitor Connect: Virtual Booths

Macguyver Media: Integration of Platforms and Dedicated Server and Security

Rise Marketing & Superhuman Prospecting: Initial Outreach and Sequence Marketing

Packola: Event Experience Boxes

PSAV: On-Site AV/Video Services

Marriott International: Boardroom Broadcast “Control Room”

Board of Governors 2020 Meeting 2020 & Jewish Agency Ambassadors 2020

The Jewish Agency for Israel worked for 90 years to overcome the biggest challenges facing the Jewish people.

They founded and built the State of Israel, and we continue creating links globally – bringing Jews to Israel and Israel to Jews around the world.

Together with Eldan Productions, we hosted two extraordinary virtual events for the Jewish Agency on our platform.

Eldan production masterfully accomplished the event production, making those events memorable and impactful, and brought success to our customers with excellent sessions and experiences for the participants

The sessions were translated simultaneously for the audience, allowing the attendees to enjoy the live sessions in their preferred language.

Thank you to Eldan Productions and the Jewish Agency for Israel for choosing us for the third time to do their events.

Creating meaningful networking and memorable events for attendees is vital for successful virtual & hybrid events. At VII Events, we listen to our customers and strive for perfection. We care about their feedback and improve and innovate from event to event.

We promise to continue evolving and making memorable events for our customers.

Be safe and prosper!

VII Events Team

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