Practical Experience for B2B Metaverse Events

Vii is a vastly experienced company in B2B Metaverse events allowing our customers to engage with their audience and potential business partners in an immersive digital environment. You may be very experienced in business and may catch yourself thinking: “What makes this Metaverse experience so important? Why should I even care?”. Interactive virtual events hit the digital market, and this happens not without a good reason.

Well, in fact, there are plenty of reasons, and the first one is that business is mostly about meeting your attendees, agreeing on terms of cooperation, and finally providing them with your services. Every single step of this equation takes time and lots of it. To meet someone and discuss the details of cooperation, you both need to find the right time and find yourselves in the right place, which can be very tricky. The aforementioned is especially true when one works with international partners. Metaverse offers a reliable and elegant way to treat every customer or business partner with the personalization they deserve on dedicated Metaverse events.

It is true that traditional ways of doing online business, such as emails, social media, and webinars, are still there and will remain present. Surely a video call may also do the job for you, but a fully immersive Metaverse takes your chances of signing a win-win contract with another business to the sky. Metaverse is not about doing the same things as old tools did but in a more personal wayway. It is about the potential to help one grow all aspects of their business while allowing them to save time and money. A well-arranged virtual networking event can be way more fruitful than any standard traditional one, at the same time, while being much more cost-effective.

The new working-from-home model is not something that will disappear from our lives anytime soon. In turn, more and more employees show the desire to continue working from home or take this opportunity as soon as they can. The same can be applied to business owners. In our metaverse, companies and businesses can set up virtual booths, set up real-time interactions, gamification options, an enhanced possibility for advanced networking with avatars, and many more.

What your business can get with us

Conducting a Metaverse networking event is no easy task. Too many things require one’s attention, and it is so easy to miss something important, which may ruin days of hard work. So, how to run a Metaverse networking event and make it fruitful? Vii has extended experience in providing all the necessary tools to run top-level interactive Metaverse events, especially for B2B networking.

  1.     Simple Navigation

One of the most prominent aspects that distinguish us from our competitors is the simplicity of our navigation and easiness to control. While the majority of companies tend to overcomplicate their products, Vii believes in simplicity. We make our Metaverse simple to adapt, convenient to use, and beautiful to look at. These postulates are the core values we imply into all our products with care for our attendees. Vii has developed simple and intuitive controls for our Metaverse. Such an easy and intuitive navigation allows focusing on networking, gamification elements, and other fruitful business interactions.

2.     Aesthetic Design

One of the main advantages of a metaverse is the power to provide our customers with unique and beautiful design solutions. Enjoy tailor-made 3D-360 branded venues, customizable booths, and large networking areas. Our offer follows all the Metaverse event trends and takes the quality to a new level. Enjoy the beauty of 3D events in immersive metaverse worlds created according to your wishes and desires. Customize your event with our highly configurable, easy & fast customization tool allowing for the creation of truly beautiful results.

3.     Large Audience

Following the latest trends in virtual events, B2B metaverse events call for a large number of attendees. Such a state of affairs sets high requirements for the service providers. We can proudly confirm that Vii can satisfy all your needs concerning the number of participants in your Metaverse events. Our platform supports thousands of people attending interactive Metaverse events simultaneously. Thus, ensuring that your ideal becomes an unstoppable Metaverse event fruitful for you and your attendees.

4.     Advanced analytics

When searching for tips and tricks on how to run a Metaverse networking event, one often pays a special attention to statistics and metrics. Statistics is useful both for arranging future events and searching for potential new leads and business partners. Our platform allows our customers to analyze attendees’ behavior online and get a scope on various metrics. Automated marketing tools gather high-quality data that helps to get maximum from B2B events. one may browse through the statistics of their event presented in a convenient and easy-to-read form with graphs, diagrams, etc.

5.     Exceptional Usability

Vii believes that Metaverse event experiences should be available for everyone, especially when it comes to B2B networking and events. We are completely web-based – one may use any mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop device to access an online event. We don’t require any special equipment or download an app. Furthermore, you won’t even need a keyboard to navigate through our metaverse.

6.     Be Independent

Our smart automated Back-Office allows easy control over your events. Manage your environment with a few clicks. Automated processes are responsible for the majority of work, allowing you to focus on achieving your goals.

Vii made great efforts to make our product available for everyone and, at the same time, technically advanced. Our product more than just meets all the modern trends in Metaverse events – we set new quality standards while keeping our platform easy to use, reliable, and beautiful.

Metaverse is way more than just another fancy marketing gimmick, as it offers major benefits for B2B sales. We put a tremendous effort into ensuring that our platform runs smoothly and your participants won’t have to waste their time trying to join your event. Easy access to Metaverse is key to quality Metaverse event experiences for hosts and attendees. And this is exactly what Vii has to offer. Deliver memorable shared experiences to your audience and transform passive encounters into business partners.

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