Learn Why Vii Events is the Best Virtual Events Platform

7 Reasons to Switch to Vii Events

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We have formed a strategic partnership with Catch the MICE as our local representation in the United Kingdom & Ireland. They are our boots on the ground and help us deliver exceptional service and support to our customers, helping to provide even more incredible and successful events.

Together with us, Catch the MICE provides vital support to our customers and event planners through the event delivery process: presenting a range of innovative virtual, hybrid and in-person event solutions.

1 3D 360° & 3D Engines with Incredible Graphics

Dream Big! We Can Even Land You on the Moon!

While the competitors provide only basic 3D graphics, with Vii Events, you can choose between 3D and 3D 360° graphical engines or have both at once during the event!

We provide the ability to include 3D models of your products in the environment to have outstanding product launches & expos

Each of our customers has an opportunity to work directly with a creative team that can recreate real venues within the platform.

2Competitive Pricing & Cost-Effective Solution

Access to immersive features at a reasonable rate

We are exceptionally cost-effective and offer highly competitive prices, which are often 3-4 times lower than that of competitors.

Unlike the pay-per-event or pay-per-attendee model, the unlimited events approach allows you to host as many events as you want without additional fees!

Vii Events guarantees the best prices. If you receive a lower price quote for the exact event breakdown, features, and add-ons, please, share it with us. We guarantee to compare the price while providing a top-notch platform and unparalleled service.

3We Support AA Accessibility Standard

No attendees are left behind

Vii Events platform has unique features that allow any attendee to join the event and enjoy the full experience.

4Integration to All Leading Marketing Automation Tools

Same tools – new experience

Vii Events basic license includes a wide variation of marketing tools for free.

We are also willing to introduce any new integrations per customer request. Our expert technical team makes sure to conduct integration smoothly and in a timely manner.

5Dedicated Project Manager

Technical Support Whenever You Need It

Vii Events license includes as many hours of support as you need without additional price.

Both creative and technical project managers will help you create and sell the virtual/hybrid. If you do not know how to manage streaming, our team will do it for you. Our basic package includes 9 hours of free streaming.

Our dedicated team will guide you through the preparation stage, teach you how to operate within the platform and will be ready to help 24/7 during the event

6Data Privacy

The best security is where you don't store data on customers

We do not store or collect data; it is directly transferred to your CRM. All statistics are saved on a third party (Mixpanel, Mailchimp, etc.) account specified. This allows you to manage data in privacy with access only to you.

Vii Events is the Best-In-Class Virtual & Hybrid Events Platform

A much better offering with the best service for a fair pricing.
From best service to transparent pricing, Vii Events is the worthy alternative
With 100% success recommended by all of our customers.