VEI Event Awards 2021

On October 20th, 2020, VEI (Virtual Event Institute) opened registration for submissions for their awards celebration, which took place in April.

The awards will showcase inspiring case studies of innovation and creativity from organizers, brands, associations, and suppliers in the virtual and hybrid events community.

Today is the last day of submission, so hurry up. If you haven’t submitted your case, don’t miss an opportunity to shine!

Overview of the categories in the competition:

Our Submissions: In Platform Startup & Virtual Events Platform Categories

VII Events – All in One SaaS 3D Virtual / Hybrid Events Platform

VII Events is perfect for Virtual / Hybrid Events and Professional 3D Showrooms. We have developed the right formula for amazing customer experience and lead generation abilities that promote business, creating a cost-effective Virtual and Hybrid events solution.

We create an entire 3D world set as a venue for our events. Our platform closely imitates the experience of in-person events, creating a memorable event for attendees with opportunities to learn, participate, and network.

Our solution is perfect for Marketing Events, Company Events like Sales Kickoff, Business Events, eLearning Events, and more.

A2Z Virtual 2021 – Event Profs and Digital Marketers Event (Conference Category)

We wanted event organizers and digital marketers to experience our event and bring value to them. Thus, we created this educational event.

It was a two-hour event focused on giving value to event organizers and digital marketers and, at the same time, creating for them an unforgettable experience.

We created a successful event that inspired people, with 1072 attendees from 66 countries. Placing us in a unique position to do business with our industry audience in the future, showcasing our platform in the best way possible while bringing value to attendees. We are looking forward to continuing this strategy in the future, using our platform, generating business, and creating value for attendees.

Our Customers’ Submissions:

International Charter Expo ICE’20 – Digital Conference (Trade Show Category)

ICE (International Charter Expo) is an annual 4-day B2B event for the yacht charter industry! The first day is a conference day, and the next three days consist of B2B meetings and presentations. ICE is the biggest and most well-known B2B event in the yacht charter industry, where fleet operators, brokers, agencies, shipyards, and suppliers gather every November to prepare for the next charter season.

The International Charter Expo (ICE) is the largest B2B expo in the yacht charter industry, held digitally for the first time in November 2020. ICE connected hundreds of business representatives from more than 35 countries in three days. Company representatives each had 30-minute meetings during 3 full days, allowing each person to have up to 72 meetings. Meetings were pre-arranged in advance, making ICE very time-efficient for all. More than 3700 meetings were held digitally in the beautifully designed digital halls of Marx Halle in Vienna.

Methodic Effective Learning (Conference Category)

Methodica is the biggest e-learning community in Israel. As such, they had to maintain our fluent and direct communication with all our partners and customers even during COVID-19.

They aimed to build an environment that would benefit our community and make it easy and intuitive to consume the content they came for. Finding the right platform was not simple – since there are so many in the market. Once they met us (VII Events), they felt that that’s the one platform they wanted to proceed with, and this was a great decision. 

Methodica, together with VII Events, built a customized 3D environment that fitted our agenda perfectly. It served us not just for one event but for our series of events, which is still taking place about once a month.

Their wonderful community is already familiar with the platform, and they use the venue to keep ongoing communication with all our partners and customers.

HR Excellence Conference (Conference Category)

The HR Excellence Conference is the leading professional conference in Israel for the human resources community. The conference is held physically every year and presents all the outstanding and innovative projects in Israel.

The conference is the culmination of the National Human Resources Competition. During the COVID-19 period, over 80 organizations submitted outstanding projects in human resources and various content categories, and over 40 performed on the annual conference stage, this time a virtual one.

This year we held a virtual conference, aiming to get the best out of this format.

Together with VII Events, they have executed and fulfilled all of their dreams – an intuitive and innovative platform with more than a thousand attendees, 46 world-class speakers, several areas, and the awards ceremony, of course. Their community was able to get together with this magical platform, a huge success for us all!

NICE Interactions Paris Live 2020 (Consumer Exhibition Category)

Interactions Paris is NICE flagship event in France. Since it is so well known, their customers and partners anticipate the event yearly. This year, due to Covid-19, we looked for a virtual alternative that would provide even a better experience than the physical event. Hosting Interactions virtually allowed us to expand our reach and beat all previous scores. We ended up with +79% attendees and +157% more leads in the virtual event than iParis 2019. Overall, the virtual iParis rose above the physical in all aspects and was a huge success for NICE and their partners!

ProductX Week 2020 (Conference Category)

UI is an Israeli company focusing on Product UI&UX. This year’s ProductX Week 2020 Conference was held virtually at the VII Events platform and was hugely successful.

It was a week of product celebration: a unique online conference that brought great professional value, both by the lectures’ quality and spectacular conference production.

ProductX Week 2020 provided a different conference experience than what exists in the world. Deep thinking about the convenience of the attendees, by amazing design, excellent live broadcast and sound quality, interesting interaction between participants and speakers during the lectures, submission of professional materials in the booths, and a daily summary that summarized the insights from the lectures, shared by the participants in the Miro board.

The participants testified that it wasn’t another conference held in Zoom but a refreshing and exciting experience for anyone who spends most of their time at home for many months.

Allot MVC Virtual 2020 (Consumer Exhibition Category)

Allot was VII Events’ first client. Allot is the most courageous and innovative company, daring to be the one of the first that went to a fully live event in the world during a pandemic in early February 2020. Back then, many had no clue what to do with this “alien” world that was changing in front of their eyes., Allot displayed innovation and courage.

This event was a huge challenge and a huge success. We had to work smart, focused, and fast due to the little time we had. We had the will, and Vii had the way. The most important takeaway from this is the platform’s ability to support ALL of our needs. Once we knew what we wanted to achieve from the event, Vii helped us execute it with their amazing platform. It was a couple’s dance at a very fast pace. The Vii platform was so versatile and agile, allowing us to pull off such a unique event.

RADWIN 2021 Sales Kick-off Event (Employee Engagement Event Category)

RADWIN is a wireless communications company that sells worldwide. Every year in January, we have a Sales Kick-off event with our global business team. We bring everyone together for a 4-day in-person event to connect, network, go over the company strategy and roadmap, discuss the go-to-market plans and align regarding all new products, tools, internal processes, etc. 

This is the most important internal event we organize each year. Still, due to Covid-19, it was not feasible to bring everyone physically together, making them look for the next best option. 

In January, the sales kickoff was a perfect way to test the virtual events platform with their hardest audience, the RADWIN sales team.

The sales team was amazed by the 3D virtual platform, the graphics, and the overall experience. They were all expecting links to Zoom or MSFT TEAM meetings, and they had no idea that we had invested in providing them with such a unique experience. They were delighted with the results. 

NEXTGen Detroit- Virtually Impossible (Charity/Fundraising Event Category)

Although the virtual world and reality were forced on all of us, NEXTGen Detroit decided to make the best out of it, learn and innovate. Together with VII Events, they have fulfilled all of their dreams – an intuitive and innovative platform that lets them keep the community spirit and not give up on the Charity event this year!

Their community was able to get together with this magical platform, communicate, enjoy a great show, and of course, gather donations for those who rely on our help.

A huge success for us all!

Huge thanks and good luck!

We wish all our customers good luck in the upcoming competition!

We want to express huge thanks and gratitude to VEI, and the esteemed panel of judges, for this opportunity to shine! Thanks!

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