22 Customer Awards in 2022

22 awards are proudly presented to our customers in the 22' year for outstanding events they hosted on the Vii-Events platform. It was tough for the judges to pick the winners out of more than 750 events our company platform hosted last year. The selected companies amazed judges with creative event concept and wise implementation. Congratulations to all those listed!

Stuart Mitchell from CathTheMice is Vii Events official business partner in UK & Ireland. CathTheMice provides new kind of sales representation / strategic partner, introducing virtual platforms, hybrid event solutions and independent hotels / venues / suppliers to UK MICE event organisers

Stratasys Software Days

Best product launch event

Stratasys Software Days event is the example of wise event planning. Reusing the existence license the team managed to launch the event within short timeline, makes it cost-effective and yet truly unique

Amdocs Showroom

Best employee on-boarding platform

This certificate is granted for the best employee on-boarding platform with unique cartoon concept for a dedicated group of new technical employees. Amdocs made the on-boarding experience knowledgeable yet entertaining and unique

Autodesk / Malam Team

Best event concept

This certificate is granted for the award-winning Autodesk event. Dedicated sessions for main industrial fields that Autodesk operates in and unique graphical concept - the event took place in the space, makes Autodesk event out of the world!


Best use of gamification

This certificate is granted for the best use of unique gamification - Escape Room for team building activities. Above that, the event included recreation of the physical Campus in Basel with amazing design.


Best Exhibition

This certificate is granted for an excellent showcase of event networking. 140 exhibitors conducted more than 4500 1:1 B2B video meetings. Positive feedbacks from attendees and exhibitors prove that , ICE20 event is a true example of networking done right.


Best Partner Meetings Event

A series of international RAD meetings gathered hundreds of RAD partners in the virtual environment, giving them opportunities to learn with dedicated sessions to each time zone. That is perfect example of successful event series implementation.


Best use of platform

This certificate is granted for wise event concept and full use of Vii Events platform capabilities to deliver outstanding event for medical professionals. Combination of design idea and the knowledge base makes BSGE event truly memorable

Tel Hai

Best Student platform

This certificate is granted for the best students' platform. The envrionemtn replicated the real campus in the North of Israel. Tel Hai makes it easier for hundreds of students to learn more about the available college and educational programs online.

The Israeli Society for Human Resources Management

Best Excellence Award Event

This certificate is granted for the perfect execution of a gloabl virtual event for the entire Human Resources community. More than 80 speakers from top-leading enterprise companies, 3-day excellent event with 1000+ attendees. We are proud of your professionalism and desire for excellence


Best Virtual Job Fair Event

This certificate is granted for successful and the biggest virtual job fair in Israel With over 50,000 attendees joining over 3 days and 23,000 attendees joining at the same time, 8,000 people managed to start new careers thanks to the event and the Vii platform. The event included the 50th biggest companies in Israel

Ness Showroom

Best 3D website

This certificate is granted for the best 3D website. The Ness showroom platform is open for clients 365 days a year and helps to engage with leads, promote business and explain about Ness offerings in a new and interactive way.


Best Educational Series Events

This certificate is granted for the successful series of events. Metodica managed to build a unique community around the platform, thus allowing audience to stay up-to-date with organizational learning and other aspects of e-learning.

סמינר הקיבוצים Kibbutzim College

Best educational conference

This certificate is granted for wise approch to the educational event planning and execution. With 12 Round Tables and dedicated live sessions for each topic helped hundreds of attendees received top knowledge from industry's experts.

The Council For Conservation Of Heritage Sites In Israel

Best Art Events

This certificate is granted for the best art event. With 2 successful events dedicated to preserving heritage sites and art masterpieces, AFR Conference & NRW conference initiated by the Council for Conservation of the heritage site in Israel & Icon conferences


Best global Sales Kick Off

This certificate is granted for the best global kick-off for radwin employees. 4-day agenda with multiple sessions, each with a dedicated design breakout room according to the relevant time zone. London, Tokyo, Johannesburg and Buenos Aires designed areas make this event's design truly stand out

MC MASTER/Pocusneo

Best Remote-learning platform

This certificate is granted for the best remote learning platform for Non-profit medical organization that helps educate medical personnel. The platform allows all doctors join remotely to widen their knowledge in different topics.


Best use of platform collaboration

This certificate is granted for high attention to details in the execution of the event thus making the C-BEN hybrid event no less than perfect. Recreation of real university campus allows students to attend a campus online 365 days a year. Continuous and easy communication of all requirements from the C-BEN made the project truly amazing.


Best showroom

AquaMaof created a beautiful virtual showroom available for the clients 365 days a year. With immersive 360 design, interactive knowledge base on their production and private rooms for meetings AquaMaof is granted the best showroom award

Stratasys Dimensions 2021

Best Hybrid event

This certificate is granted for the best Hybrid event. The client has a recreation of HQ building in Israel including the production floor of all new 3D printing machinery and their parts. The platform will be used 365 days a year as a showroom for new customers and business partners.


Best Virtual Event Production

This certificate is granted to Milton for the perfect production of the large virtual event. Continuous support, creative event's concept and ever-winning attitude made the such a big event memorable and successful


Best global employee event

This certificate is granted for the perfect execution of the Global employees' event (ESG week) with over 12,000 ICL's attendees. The event was taking place for the 2nd time and the employees received top-notch knowledge available on the multi-lingual platform with 9 languages


Best medical congress

This certificate is granted for the best international medical congress with unique event concept. Recreating Red Square on the Vii platform, having advanced networking options between attendees and profound live streaming makes the Debra event unique.